Company Website Description Type Availability Region
Access Solicitor Access Solicitor provides a comprehensive set of multimedia guides alongside an unbiased directory of all solicitors and lawyers operating within the UK. Services Y UK
Advocado Practice management SaaS offering client portal, payment systems, and document management. Documents Y Germany
AirHelp Service to recover compensation if your flight is delayed, cancelled or overbooked. AirHelp handles your claim on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. All you have to do is send the required information through the app and we will make sure you receive the compensation that is rightfully yours. Litigation support Y  
Align Matters Align is a predictive planning and management system that facilitates collaboration between legal departments and law firms and enables a company's general counsel and interested executives to keep abreast of all legal matters, risks and costs. Practice management Y  
Allegory Allegory brings the best of both litigation practices and modern technology to litigation teams. Litigation support Y  
Alt Legal Alt Legal is a cloud-based software that makes it easy for IP professionals to prepare and manage copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Our software automatically updates case statuses and deadlines, seamlessly collects key details, and instantly generates IP filings. Data service Y  
Amicus RealCost Detector Amicus finds the real cost of buying online by aggregating reviews, ratings & complaints. Data service N  
Anydocs AnyDocs is a solution that automates the creation of documents of virtually any complexity. Complemented by a customer portal and dynamic intake questionnaire, businesses can interact with customers, collect information, and rapidly generate documents of any type. Documents    
Apperio The only online platform that enables your business to track legal spend in realtime, manage law firm relationships and tender legal work. Practice management    
Assist-my-case AssistMyCase, Inc. provides Litigation Intelligence products and solutions for Litigators, Corporate, General and In-House Counsels at medium-to-large enterprises that aid in the management of commercial legal disputes to help achieve faster, less expensive and superior legal outcomes. Litigation support Y  
Bankruptcy Anywhere Bankruptcy Anywhere is the only free online bankruptcy petition generator. Litigation support    
Beagle Inc Contract comprehension and collaboration redefined. We sniff out the fine print so you don't have to. Contract management Y  
BestLaw A browser extension to add the features Westlaw forgot. Add to Google Chrome. Bestlaw adds features to WestlawNext to make legal research more efficient Research Y  
Blasty Blasty lets content owners search for copies of their content on Google and remove illegal search results on the fly - with just one click. Data service N  
Block Notary Block Notary app allows you to store the digital fingerprint of your photos in the public ledger called the blockchain. Think of it as a notary for the digital age. Data service Y  
Bluetree An Internet platform that facilitates the connection between people looking for attorneys and attorneys in their area. The goal of the company is to make finding an attorney as easy as possible. Services Y  
Boilerplate Free contract templates. Documents    
Bridge US Top attorneys and easy-to-use software that make immigration delightfully simple Services    
Briefmine Provide lawyers with a cost-effective, intuitive and more efficient way to conduct legal research online. Research N  
Brightline Modular Contract Assembly Contract management Y  
BusquedaLegal The first all-in-Spanish platform that helps the fastest growing demographic in the United States (the Latino community) find quality legal information and assistance from verified private attorneys, Services Y  
BusyLamp Helps clients collaborate more effectively with outside counsel, save time and reduce overhead Practice management Y  
CapacityHQ Hire experienced consultant lawyers for your business Services Y Australia
Case Funder Casefunder helps justice seekers tell a compelling story to give them the best chance of generating interest, raising funds, and raising awareness about their legal issue. Funding N  
Case Glide Litigation software analytics and automation platform Litigation support    
CaseFlex Search tool that can locate any bankrupty, civil, or criminal case in federal district court. Research Y  
CaseHub This is what CaseHub does: we crowdsource legal battles, and take a payout of the winnings or settlement sum. Each case is financed by law firms or external investors who are given a percentage of the winnings. Services N  
Caselinq Caselinq is web-based software made for lawyers to analyze and prepare their cases for trial and settlement. It allows lawyers to input facts, witnesses, exhibits,and issues and combine and analyze to come up with witness direct and cross examinations for deposition and trial. The product is collaborative, so clients can login too and assist in the analysis and preparation of their cases. Litigation support N  
CaseRails The CaseRails legal document automation platform helps lawyers draft perfect legal documents. Document management    
CaseSync Pratice management software. Practice management    
Casetext The best legal commentary, integrated with primary legal documents. Available to the public, for free. Research Y  
Challenge The Fine Service to challenge parking tickets. Litigation support N UK
Chapter 11 Dockets Chapter 11 Dockets is optimized for the unique needs of bankruptcy practitioners. Research Y  
ClaimAir ClaimAir is a mobile app that helps air travelers all around the world to master their rights and collect compensations for flight disruptions easily on the go. Litigation support Y  
ClaimKit Service that makes it easy to copy the documents and data needed to manage claims or litigation. Document management Y  
Clausehound Clausehound is disrupting the legal industry by offering lawyers and business owners an online, customizable, drafting and review tool for contract clauses. Contract management    
ClauseMatch Clausematch is an enterprise platform for negotiation and management of smarter contracts. Contract management    
ClearAccessIP Integrated patent data helps keep your workflow on pace with your practice. Events, notices, documents, and deadlines are automatically added to your docket and calendar when they're released by the PTO. Data service    
ClearNDA ClearNDA is a secure online interface for the creation, negotiation, and execution of Non-Disclosure Agreements. Contract management    
Clearpath Clearpath Inc. is revolutionizing the immigration filing process, just as TurboTax transformed tax filing. Document management Y  
Clerky Use Clerky to get your paperwork out of the way so you can get back to building your company. Documents    
ClientBatch ClientBatch is a data comparison service that provides lawyers and law firms immediate notifications when former clients are involved in car accidents or criminal incidents. Data service Y  
Clio Web-based practice management for solo lawyers and small law firms. Practice management    
ClosingFolders Centralized, automated, closing checklists. Practice management    
Cloud Claim Using CloudClaim consumers can browse trending settlements and file their class action claims in as little as 3 steps using our mobile application. Unlike traditional online claims CloudClaim can autofill the majority of your claim with relevant information leaving a couple steps to confirm and get your rebate. No more searching for claims. No more missing out on settlements. Litigation support N  
CogniaLaw Cognia Law is a next generation alternative legal service provider focused on providing consulting and high quality outsourced legal services. Services Y  
Concis_ly The slickest, most accurate way to draft and review contracts. A bit like SwiftKey for Lawyers! Documents    
Conduit Law Experienced and effective lawyers acting as your embedded in-house counsel. Staffing Y Canada An online directory and communication platform for clients and attorneys. Practice management N  
Contract Pod ContractPod is an easy to use, intuitive and affordable single touch point document and contract management solution on the cloud. Contract management    
Contract-Live Contract Live brings contract management out of the Stone Age by helping companies manage all contracts throughout all lifecycle stages on an entirely intuitive, cloud-based platform. Contract management Y  
Contracteo Simplifier et fiabiliser le processus de rédaction du contrat de travail en intégrant dynamiquement les spécificités règlementaires et conventionnelles. Contract management N France
ContractStandards Our Framework is a universal structure for clauses in all contracts. It allows you to organize clauses for easy reuse across contracts and helps organize contracts in a structured, logical manner. Contract management    
Contrato Rapido On-demand legal documents. Documents Y  
Corporize Offers guidance to those looking for any kind of information related to company formation or corporate law. Research Y  
CosmoLex A web-based law practice management software that integrates time tracking, billing, business and trust (IOLTA) accounting, calendaring, and task & doc mgmt. Practice management Y  
Counsel on the go Counsel On The Go is a portal that connects clients with our network of independent attorneys. We provide our clients with access to flat fee legal services, transparent pricing, and without billable hours. Services N  
CrowdDefend CrowdDefend is a new crowdfunding platform exclusively for the legal space. Funding Y  
CrowdLaw CrowdLaw is a scalable web platform used by advocates and clients get the funds they need through easy-to-launch crowdfunding campaigns. Funding Y  
CuroLegal Helps legal professionals become more efficient and productive at serving their clients and developing a successful and fulfilling law practice. Practice management Y  
David David’s vision is to use math and code to level the playing field for consumer rights. To succeed, we'll need to solve hard technical problems, ranging from automating the detection and depiction of misconduct, to building repeat-player advantage for our users through data analysis (likely including NLP), to seamlessly integrating deep legal research into turnkey products. Despite the complexity in the background, we will need to offer our users delightfully simple UX and design. Services    
DealSheet DealSheet is a database of deals completed by investment banks. Initially focused on banks with media sector practices, searching DealSheet is free. Research Y  
Dextera This software will automate the majority of the mundane tasks of a law office, freeing up the attorney's and clerks to focus on more demanding projects. It will coordinate attorney calendars, automate case reminders, direct work load, and monitor worker performance and productivity. Practice management Y  
Docasaurus Docasaurus lets lawyers automate their legal documents so they spend less time drafting and less time in Microsoft Word. Document management Y  
Docket Alarm Docket Alarm brings all of your active cases together online or on your mobile device, automatically sends you litigation alerts, and helps you reduce legal costs. Docket Alarm's API can automate court docket tracking and research. Litigation support Y  
DocketHero DocketHero is creating opportunities for lawyers, law students and other heroes to help law firms get things done. Heroes will handle one-off tasks or ongoing projects. Staffing N  
Docracy Open collection of legal contracts and the best way to negotiate and sign documents online. Documents    
DocRun Custom contracts at the touch of a button. Documents    
DraftLaw DraftLaw is the online word processor for litigation attorneys. Litigation support N  
Droidlaw DroidLaw is the #1 legal reference provider on Android's mobile/tablet platform. The free application provides the federal rules, RSS feeds and other reference materials. Research Y  
eBrevia eBrevia uses machine learning to automate contract review in due diligence, lease abstraction, contract mgmt, & doc drafting. Document management Y  
eDepoze eDepoze is a cloud-based litigation software system that replicates the tried-and-true paper deposition exhibit process electronically and securely, using an iPad interface. Litigation support Y  
Egree Contracts signed using have the same legal validity and enforceability as traditional contracts. Contract management Esq.Me is a legal platform for lawyers to connect, share legal documents and expand their professional network at a click of a button. Esq.Me strives to make legal research cost effective and time efficient, allowing for more client intake and faster legal services. Networking Y  
EsqSocial EsqSocial allows networking and referral sharing opportunities. In addition, members are given full access to the searchable pleadings and documents database and job and legal service listings. Networking N  
Estate Map Estate Map helps you create a comprehensive map of your most important information, assets, and wishes; keeps it safe; and then selectively shares it with others at the time you choose (now, if you become disabled, or after your passing). Data service    
Everlaw Building the world's most advanced litigation platform, beginning with ediscovery, by making cutting-edge technology accessible with elegant, intuitive design. Litigation support Y  
Experdocs Offers the most easy to use document and image organization software. The platform was created for experts, attorneys and other professionals whose core business operations require scalable and flexible document management systems. Document management Y  
FactBox   Practice management    
Fair Document Provides affordable access to lawyers and allows users' easy control over all their legal documents. Documents Y  
Fastcase htttp://   Research Y  
Filevine Filevine is cloud based software that manages case activity for attorneys and staff. Practice management Y  
Firmzen Firmzen is elegant practice management software that handles workflow management, office automation, clinet collaboration, document management and invoicing for your firm. Practice management Y  
Fixed The easiest way to fix a parking ticket. Litigation support    
FlatLaw Flat rate legal services marketplace. Services Y Canada
Foxwordy The First Private Social Network for Lawyers. Liberating lawyers all over the world to engage with each other anonymously and get more done now. Networking N  
Free Law Project Providing free access to primary legal materials, developing legal research tools, and supporting academic research on legal corpora Research Y  
Gadfly Gadfly's first product, LeasePilot™, is a software platform for institutional landlords designed to simplify and expedite the documentation and negotiation of commercial leases. There are a number of tools that exist to facilitate the commercial leasing process, however, LeasePilot™ uniquely brings together attorneys and business people, from both the landlord and tenant, onto one platform to eliminate some of the most pervasive bottlenecks that interfere with closing transactions. Document management    
Gracular Gracular is a SaaS web-based solution that provides real-time patent analysis to help businesses instantly valuate and monetize patents. Data service    
Habeas Compare attorneys with exclusive data on their clients, references, transactions, services, and fees. Services    
HelloSign Fast, secure, and legally binding e-signature service. Contract management    
Hire an Esquire Hire an Esquire enables law firms and in-house legal teams to find, manage and pay a team of contract-based attorneys on demand. Staffing Y  
Hoopol Hoopol es la primera y más grande plataforma de servicios legales en línea en México. Services Y Mexico
How Much To Trade Mark Easily calculate the rough cost of registering a trade mark using this handy tool Data service    
IACC Verification of cryptographic public keys, database of verificated public PGP/GPG keys and international arbitration court working online with electronic documents, digital signatures, Bitcoin transactions, including dispute resolution involving multisig accounts, providing escrow-like service for Bitcoin. Data service    
iNation One of the world's first secure, distributed, and cryptographically verifiable store of legal documents. iNation is the first company to address the coming unbundling of the government services market. Document management N  
Ink With Ink, all you need to do is answer a few simple questions, and you'll have a solid legal agreement that covers everything you need. Documents An online marketplace for law-related jobs that directly connects legal employers and top lateral candidates. For access, employers pay an annual subscription fee, though it's free to use for candidates. Staffing Y  
Intelligize Intelligize streamlines agreement preparation, reduces the SEC review process and mitigates filing risks. Research Y  
IP Shark Automated MAP, Trademark & Counterfeit Protection Data service N  
Iubenda Users can generate a professional, lawyer-crafted, customizable, self-updating privacy policy and request customizations or the crafting of terms & conditions thanks to a worldwide network of local attorneys. Documents Y  
Iudica Virtual arbitration court for e-commerce Litigation support   Germany
JammedUp Find legal representation. Services    
Jarvis Legal Mobile and intuitive cloud application for legal professionals Practice management Y  
Judicata A legal research startup that uses highly specialized case law parsing and algorithmically assisted human review to turn unstructured court opinions into structured data. Research N  
Jurify Jurify provides instant access to high-credibility, high-relevance legal content, including forms and precedent written by the world's best lawyers, white papers and webinars, articles in prestigious law journals, reliable blog posts and current versions of statutory, regulatory and case law, all organized by granular legal issue. Research Y  
Jurispect Regulatory analytics for companies. Data service    
Juristat Patent analytics Data service Y  
JuryAce No more stickies, scribbles on the margins of juror forms, precipitated decisions, or confusion. Face the jury selection process armed with a rich voir dire resources, collaboration support for partners and staff, and an intuitive and productive workflow. Litigation support Y  
JusticeBid   Staffing N  
Juusly Juusly is a platform where you can find the info you want inside laws , easily and quickly, organize them, or this discuss them with the community or with your team and more! Research N  
JuxtaLegal Fixed cost legal comparison Services N UK
Kaanoon Legal advice from top-rated lawyers in India. Services Y India
Keekla Keekla is the mobile first marketplace for Legal Talent Staffing Y  
Kelsen Categorizes large volumes of unstructured legal data, interprets phrases structure and evaluates possible answers to provide suitable answers to legal questions posed in natural language. Data service Y  
KiraSystems Software helps review contracts faster & more accurately, automatically reading agts for user-specified provisions. Document management Y  
Knomos Mapping a Knowledge Network of the Law. Research Y Canada
Law Scout Law Scout is Canada's first online platform connecting small businesses to legal services at upfront, fixed fees. Services Y Canada
Lawbot Lawbot analyses and reviews legal agreements automatically. Contract management Y  
LawCanvas With the LawCanvas app you can create your own legal documents quickly and easily. Documents Y Singapore
Lawcus The only legal practice management software with integrated CRM and Kanban Boards to visualize matters. Practice management Y  
Lawdeal LawDeal lets you create personalized legal documents. For FREE. In 2 minutes or less. No lawyer required. Documents Y  
Lawdingo Lawdingo gets people a lawyer right when they need one. We get lawyers the clients they need to grow their practice. Services Y  
LAWfone With the LAWfone app, you can have a Video consultation with an experienced attorney in your state immediately at the push of a button. Services Y  
Lawfty A mobile/web Pay-Per-Click marketing platform that efficiently drives leads to small personal injury firms. Practice management Y takes the mystery out of understanding legal agreements and legal language by educating users through the use of crowdsourced annotations, video vignettes, and other scholarly and non-scholarly content. Research Y  
LawGeex Contract analysis. Data service    
Lawger Lawyer bidding. Services Y  
Lawgical Focused on providing online marketing and web-based solutions for legal service professionals. Practice management Y  
LawGives LawGives is building an entirely new kind of marketplace for legal services where knowledge is shared within trusted communities, both publicly and privately. Services Y  
LawKick LawKick makes it easier than ever to find legal help that meets your needs and budget. You simply answer some questions about your legal needs and receive personalized price quotes from qualified lawyers nearby. Services Y  
LawMixer Law Mixer is a website that efficiently links people, attorneys, and the law. Uses advanced text, context, and machine learning analytics to quickly (1) perform multi-dimensional assessments of legal data collections, (2) intelligently sort legal information into themes, and (3) group highly-correlative data. Research Y  
LawPal A cloud-based workspace for planning, executing and tracking a transaction, allowing lawyers and clients centralized access to all documents, communications and notes. Practice management N  
LawPath   Services Y Australia
Lawpolis Lawpolis is a community by lawyers for lawyers. Share and use practical legal resources like how-to guides, forms and examples; showcase your expertise; build a professional profile; and form sound referral networks. Networking N Allows businesses to post their legal needs online and lawyers to bid on the legal work through a closed bidding model. Services N  
Lawtendr Post your legal job and get bids from lawyers near you. Services    
LawTrades Helps lawyers run their practice virtually so they can provide faster and more affordable legal services to startups. Services Y  
LawVu   Services N New Zealand
Lawyable Marketplace for legal services in South Australia. Services   Australia
Lawyer up LawyerUp will get experienced, pre-screened, quality legal representation for you in 15 minutes. Guaranteed. Services Y  
Lawyered an interactive service provider where indivisuals can find, compare, and hire lawyers/law firms. Services N  
Lawyerfy A platform that helps lawyers and their clients communicate, collaborate and coordinate more effectively with each other. Lawyers can confidentially share information with their clients and continually receive feedback using theirs services. Practice management N  
LawyerLinx Canada's link to great lawyers and legal solutions Services Y Canada
Legal Atlas International legal information service and consulting firm whose mission is to support the development of better laws and legal institutions around the world. Services    
Legal Climate LegalClimate gives you personal injury awards and injury data at your fingertips. Research    
Legal Diction Would provide Corporate Laws Consultancy services by web and app based platform to our clients. The Product would reach to customers who can place their queries and get consultation based on SMS, Email or even can get written opinions from us. The Services is initially restricted to India and would like to expand to the different countries in second phase. Services N  
Legal Force Manages applications for the registration of a trademark in the US through Trademarkia. Services Y  
Legal Hero Pre-vetted lawyers, enabled by efficiency-driving technology, all at fixed prices posted online for the world to see. Services Y  
Legal Interactive Services Serving public with real-time legal advisory services at an affordable fee makes LIS Live an all-encompassing platform serving public and lawyers. The platform provide real-time service through telepresence, video chat, webinar, webcast, web conferencing, live-cast, unicast, multi-cast, and on-demand streaming, presentation, virtual board room and file share management. Empowering attorneys engage with own clients in secured confidential settings while reducing carbon foot-print and cost makes our tech service attractive. Services Y  
Legal Monkeys We exist to create records management tools that save you both time and resources. Data service    
Legal Services Link Legal Services Link provides you with the tools you need to find the perfect attorney for you in the way that works best for you. Services Y  
LegalCrunch Providing an easy path to expunge your entire criminal record. Services    
LegalCrystal India's Most Powerful Law Search Engine. Search over a million Supreme court, High court, Tribunal court, Privy council cases... Research Y India
Legaler Video chat Services    
LegalFundingCentral Legal Funding Central streamlines finding a litigation funder Funding    
Legaliboo Legaliboo is a web platform that lets you get custom contracts and legal documents immediately and online. Documents N  
LegalShine Legalshine is a new way for organizations to manage and control legal spend. Practice management    
LegalTrek   Practice management    
LegalUp LegalUP connects anyone with legal needs with an online community and handpicked lawyers thanks to Uber-like technology. (France) Services Y  
Legify Legify makes legal services affordable and accessible. Consumers and SMEs create free legal documents and consult lawyers at the best rates through secure video and our collaborative text editor. Documents N  
Legislative Explorer A one of a kind interactive visualization that allows anyone to explore actual patterns of lawmaking in Congress. Research    
Legitimo App Legítimo allows you to make simple contracts on your smartphone in under 1 minute, in English or Spanish. Documents    
Lex Connect The Lex Connect Solutions Directory is a free resource designed to help Law Departments identify the most suitable vendors to solve their challenges. Practice management Y UK
LexGo The portal for the legal community - legal jobs online - offres d'emploi juridiques - juridische vacatures Networking Y Belgium
Lexicata Cloud-Based Client Intake and CRM Software for Law Firms Practice management N  
Lexoo Get multiple quotes from talented business lawyers and pick the right one. Services   UK
Lexop Service for managing litigation timetables. Litigation support    
LexShares Fund plaintiffs in commercial lawsuits for a share of the potential settlement Funding Y  
LexSpring LexSpring Legal Intelligence™ helps digital technology companies minimize legal risk, maximize legal protection and leverage the law to optimize business value. Practice management N  
LexStart Asesoría jurídica accesible para emprendedores, startups y pymes en México. Services N Mexico
Litigo Litigo provides case management to attorneys, like Salesforce for attorneys and their cases, saving them time and money. Practice management    
Local Counsel Collective Local Counsel Collective is an SaaS company that connects large, high volume law firms with rural solo attorneys around the country who serve as local counsel for short judicial hearings. We focus on governmental regulatory compliance and employ crowd-sourcing & gamification to ensure quality results in a timely, cost-effective, manner. Staffing Y  
Logikcull Logikcull gives legal professionals, like attorneys and paralegals, an easy to use and powerful document discovery platform they can access from anywhere. Logikcull processes and organizes your documents into easy-to-find categories. Document management Y  
Matterbase Fully customizable Knowledge Management System which allows access to your data in a searchable format and enables automated reporting for business intelligence. Practice management Y  
Matterdots MatterDots automatically logs time spent on every activity in a attorney's daily routine. Practice management    
Matterhorn Matterhorn provides comprehensive databases, analyses and reports of publicly filed information—transforming the way research is integrated into deal strategy, structure, planning and negotiation. Data service Y  
MobileCounsel Provide instant legal advice to your clients without sharing your personal phone number. All messages are instantly transcribed and available for billing and case files. Data service    
Modria Modria is the fast and fair resolutions company for businesses and government agencies. Litigation support Y  
Mootus Mootus helps law students and lawyers build skills, reputation and knowledge for free through open, online legal argument. Research Y  
MyCase, Inc. Web-based legal practice management software for the modern law firm. Practice management Y  
Name Warden Trademark protection and practice management Practice management Y  
Next Point Discover the facts in your case in minutes. Litigation support    
NextChapter Bankruptcy software for attorneys. Litigation support    
Notary4Rotary Document notarization via cellphone. Services N  
Novus Law We focus exclusively on providing corporations and law firms with document management, review and analysis services for document-intensive matters. Document management Y  
Off the Record Off the Record is a free service that makes it super easy to fight your traffic tickets. Snap a photo of your ticket and answer a few questions. You'll be done in under a minute. No mailing in your ticket. No court date. Services    
OurDeal Your one-stop contract marketplace. Create, customize, send and store any contract, any time. Contract management Y  
Overflow Counsel Experienced freelance lawyers and JDs for firms and in-house legal departments. Staffing Y  
PacerPro PacerPro gives unparalleled access to data from the federal court system, and mines it for insights. Research Y  
PactSafe A cloud-based contract management application which not only manages and tracks your website legal agreements, but also ensures they are presented in a manner to maximize enforceability. Contract management Y  
PandaDoc All-in-one software to create, deliver, and manage your team’s quotes, proposals, contracts, and other sales collateral. Document management    
Patdek Find, markup, and share patent documents. Research    
Patent Monk Teaching the patent world a whole new style of kung fu, with a modern reading experience like none other. Research    
PatentBuddy Patent Analytics Data service Y  
Peppercorn Create your agreements, in multiple languages, in just minutes Documents    
Picture it Settled The planning tools allow users to fine-tune their target settlement and project what impact a particular move might have on the round before making it. Data service Y  
PlainLegal Rebranded - See Alt Legal Practice management Y  
PlainSite   Research Y  
Pontual Express A document management system for law firms. Document management Y Brazil
PracticePanther Simple and secure law practice management software for lawyers and firms. Case management, time tracking, & more Practice management Y  
Precisely Aligning law and technology to revolutionize the handling of contracts Contract management Y Sweden
Priori Legal Priori Legal makes the process of finding, hiring and managing lawyers fast, transparent, and cost-effective. Services Y  
PrivacyPal Enter any website address to get a quick, simple overview of its Terms of Service. Data service    
ProAnnexUs ProAnnexUs is a reliable and intuitive way to find, contact, transact with, pay and review lawyers and accountants in your area. Services Y UK
Prosperoware Connects the business and practice of professional services. Practice management Y  
Push to Start PUSHTOSTART allows startups to predict their legal spend with accuracy while ensuring that they maintain the highest level of legal protection. PUSHTOSTART also optimizes the startup to receive VC funding. Services Y  
PushLegal Source for Statutes and Cases in a Mobile App Research Y  
Ravel Ravel focuses on visualization-based search of legal data. Research Y  
RECAP the Law Browser extensions that improve the PACER experience while helping PACER users build a free and open repository of public court records. Research Y  
Ross ROSS is a digital legal expert that helps you power through your legal research. Research N  
RSVP Law We curate free law and legal resources for your requests. Services N  
Safe Gun Travel Informs, educates and protects firearm owners of the laws and guidelines of traveling within America, while safely exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Research Y  
SecureRunner Simple, secure & trackable delivery of documents that replacescostly mail & messenger services. Document management    
ShakeLaw Free legal agreements and signature service. Contract management    
SimpleLegal Modern Matter Management, legal spend management, eBilling, and Accruals software without all the overhead of yesterday's software. Practice management Y  
Smart Contract Smart Contracts have the ability to automatically verify their own performance using realtime data feeds like GPS, site traffic, search engine rank, IoT, and any other data feed which two parties can agree on as an objective measure of performance. Contract management Y  
StandIn StandIn is a location-based app for court appearances that matches lawyers with other lawyers and legal professionals. Staffing    
Starting Legal Contratos y Documentos legales para tu Startup Documents   Spain
Supra As a service, Supra enhances legal research by making (and measuring) relationships between laws, rules, decisions, justices and other data. Research Y  
Swiftcourt Solving your legal disputes quick and dirty Litigation support Y Sweden
Tabulaw Tabulaw is an open, collaborative platform for legal research. Research N  
Teleborder The new way to hire, manage, and retain international employees Services    
Terminis Protects the legal conditions of your website to make your online business more secure and to improve your conversion rate. Services Y  
TermsFeed Privacy policy generator. Documents    
The Link App Client communication service for law firms. Data service    
The Trademark Search Company The Trademark Search Company (TTSC) is one of the most widely trusted TM search and watch service globally. Research Y  
Ticket Warrior Parking ticket challenge service. Litigation support    
TinyTerms TinyTerms is a modular system that lets you build beautiful, simple legal documents. Contract management N  
TKBT Legal drafting tools. Document management    
Top Class Actions Helps consumers find, submit claims for, and receive compensation for every class action settlement they qualify to participate in, as well as connect with attorneys who can help them seek remedies for grievances involving consumer products, drugs, medical devices, employment issues, and more. Research Y  
ToS;DR User rights initiative to rate and label website terms & privacy policies, from very good Class A to very bad Class E. Research Y  
TOSback Every day, we check the Terms and Policies of many online services to see if any of them have changed. Research    
Trademark Now Provides an intelligent web-based trademark management platform that is used by enterprise companies, law firms and branding agencies for instant trademark search and watch results. Research Y  
Traklight Our software is a simple, automated, cost-effective way to identify potential legal issues and minimize business risk. Data service    
Trebuchet Tools & resources to catapult your legal career! Networking    
Tyche Tyche helps stakeholders in legal claims estimate the value of those claims. Data service    
Unlock The Law Understand your legal problem and solve it today. Save on legal fees and find the best lawyer for you. Services Y UK
UpCounsel Through UpCounsel, businesses can access high quality, on-demand and cost-effective independent legal professionals for ad hoc or ongoing legal relationships. Services Y  
Valcu Startup incorporation and corporate management made simple. Services    
VaultSwap Tool for efficient discovery exchange. Data service    
Virtual Law Direct A platform for legal Q&A: get direct online follow up real legal advice from licensed attorneys without delay. Services N  
Visuu Visuu is an online platform for consulting documents with the right lawyers. It matches your needs with the right lawyers based on the document you uploaded or scanned. Document management Y  
vlex_es Somos una plataforma online que te permite buscar contenido jurídico desde un único buscador Research Y Spain
Voltaire Helps lawyers pick better juries and be more compelling in front of the ones they seat. Now available on the app store. Litigation support Y  
Wevorce Divorce advice and support. Litigation support    
Who Needs Law Advisers for startups and entrepreneurs. Services    
Wire Lawyer The platform allows insourcing, outsourcing and referral fee management- enabling firms to maximize their revenue. Networking Y  
Xref XRef is a sophisticated drafting aid that assists lawyers in quickly and accurately checking for various drafting errors. Document management Y  
yurJURY yurJURY is the premier provider of virtual mock jury panels, mock trials & focus groups Litigation support Y  
ZeekBeek Online Legal Marketplace Services Y
CiteGuru Crowdsourced legal research Research Y
ThreadKM Team chat and project management for lawyers. Practice management Y
AppColl AppColl offers an easy-to-use, cloud-based patent management system to enhance productivity through collaborative automation tools. We help patent firms and multi-national corporations create and file better patents more cost-effectively. Data service Y
LawPay Legal credit card processing Data service Y
LawTake Self-help legal videos and forms Services Y Find and apply to the best legal jobs in a few clicks. Staffing Y
Wiki Law School Crowdsourced legal resource. Research Y
Pittsburgh Startup Law Startup legal services. Services Y
Should I Sign Should I Sign is an online legal marketplace that helps individuals and businesses connect with pre-vetted attorneys. Should I Sign's mission is two-fold: (I) helping clients obtain services in a transparent environment, and (II) utilizing technology to make it easier for attorneys to find new clients without significant cost as well as reducing associated administrative burden. Services Y
MetaJure Automated document & email management developed by lawyers for law firms & departments. Document management Y
JusticeFundr JusticeFundr is a crowdfunding platform for public interest litigation. Litigation support Y
LawToolBox365 Case deadline add-in for Microsoft Outlook 365. Services Y